21 May Social Media Works – But Why?

What’s the benefit of taking valuable time away from your business’s daily operations in order to develop a presence on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? It all boils down to the greatest challenge every business faces: competition. With the average person spending more than two hours per day on Social Media sites, you can be sure your competition is reaching out in a big way to find and engage customers. According to SimplyMeasured, 95% of business brands are on Twitter, and 82% of those tweet at least once a day. And that’s just for starters.

In today’s technological world, it’s a given that a strong presence on Social Media gets you noticed, attracts customers, and is an integral part of staying competitive. Kingfisher Communications can help you set up and manage your Social Media for the greatest impact.

What are the benefits of utilizing Social Media platforms? For starters, it…

1. Drives People to Your Website

Social Media is a solid way to gain customers by connecting them to your website. On virtually every Social Media platform there is an “About” section where you can add a link to give direct access to your website. In addition, each time you share blog posts and other content from your website on Social Media, you are organically inviting followers to visit your site. With every customer’s click on your website’s Social Media links, you are also improving your website’s search engine rankings. Google and other search engines take into account your total Social Media engagement, so the more followers and the more active you are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and elsewhere, the faster your website rankings will rise. These are valuable link opportunities to attract customers.

2. Builds Trust and Keeps You Connected to Your Audience

As we mentioned in our last article, Social Media is a great way to get acquainted with your audience. It allows people to interact with your brand more directly and increases your exposure. Even if you are a small, local business, consumers now expect online interaction. According to MeltWater, 55% of customer service interactions begin online. So, if you don’t have Social Media profiles as active avenues for your audience to reach you, they are probably reaching out to your competition—and you are losing customers.

3. Helps You Know What Your Audience Is Thinking

In the past, it was difficult (and expensive) to uncover public perception of your brand. Not so with Social Media. Now, you can get immediate feedback through various user engagement metrics, audience demographics, and directly through comments, messages, and reviews. Social Media has made it much easier to find out firsthand what is and isn’t working.

4. Targets Your Audience Directly

Not only can you get a good read on how others are perceiving your brand, you can also use that information to your advantage through powerful, targeted advertising campaigns, like Facebook ads. Advertising on Social Media platforms is a great way for businesses with small marketing budgets to reach specific audiences while increasing visibility, Social Media following, website traffic, and ultimately conversions.

Looking to branch out and build your Social Media presence? Contact Kingfisher Communications for a step-by-step course in getting social!