02 May 5 Keys to Building a Successful Brand Online

With the world of online marketing constantly evolving, it can be difficult to stay on track when it comes to your brand’s internet presence. Fear not! The following five easy-to-understand keys to building a successful brand online—and the help of Kingfisher Communications—can help you find your way. Get in touch and…

1. Take Control (of Your Business Listings)

One of the first things to do when building or refining your brand’s presence online is to claim and optimize your business listings across the web. Start with Google My Business and Bing Places, then access review sites like Yelp and BBB. Eventually, you can utilize smaller relevant niche directories. The key is consistency with your NAP (name, address, phone number). It solidifies and verifies your correct business information across the web and builds links to your website, which are both key elements to search engine ranking.

2. Show Some Personality (on Social Media)

It is important for your brand to have a professional social media page (with your accurate NAP & website in the About section) on as many platforms as you can manage: from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and YouTube. Your focus will depend on your audience. For example, 93% of users on Pinterest rely on it to make or plan purchases. So if you’re in the retail market, Pinterest is huge. Also, don’t forget about video! Roughly 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook daily. Your audience expects video content. Whatever the platform, Kingfisher Communications can develop social media content for you, so let us know how we can help!

3. Focus on User Experience (via Mobile-Friendly Design)

Speaking of social media, did you know that in 2017 nearly 80% of time spent on social media platforms was on mobile devices? If you’re advertising and sharing your content on social media, it had better be optimized for phones and tablets. Few things will increase your bounce rate (number of people who immediately leave your website after landing on the page) than a website that isn’t mobile-friendly. Responsive design—a form of web design that resizes to fit any device’s screen—is the name of the game in the digital world. If you’re still working with an outdated, static, desktop-only website, your brand is suffering and so are your search engine rankings.

4. Speak Your Mind (With Blogging & Content Marketing)

Ten years ago, blogging may have been only for the tech nerds and online-diary-keepers, but it is now a vital tool for your brand’s online presence. Blogging keeps your website up-to-date in the eyes of search engines and your audience. It also demonstrates a level of expertise in your field. The new gold standard for content marketing is “evergreen” content. This simply translates to content that isn’t time-sensitive and remains relevant to searchers who land on that blog on your website. Blogging with regularity is key, but quality still trumps quantity.

5. Be Consistent (and Reap the Rewards)

Whether you are talking about brand visibility, social media, or search engine optimization, consistency is paramount to your success. The biggest ranking factor—next to quality links from trusted sources—is regular fresh content. If you are continually putting out relevant, interesting content, you will be rewarded twofold: first, by search engines (like Google) in the search results, and second, by staying top-of-mind with your audience.

Does your brand need a boost? Contact Kingfisher Communications today for a fresh perspective.